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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dumfounded _Now You're Talking...raison d'etre

  1. Dumfounded and deadpan ugly
  2. Actually I am quite beautiful...inside. The degree of separation from truth and light is paralyzing.
  3. Uga-buga is an obscene gesture. I want to believe that I believe, even when there is nothing to believe in. I love you. My simple mind is in control.
  4. It is a fine evening for caterpillars and now the death threats of our great early warning weather persons. Strong winds are threatening and be very worried if you cross bridges. Seriously!
  5. There are huge bolders. Got to do what you got to do. Churning rapid thing. Lots of rain. Please God ... Let the blue tarps save us.
  6. Devastation... and a lot of people have suffered and I should not make remarks...such as I have, but best that I reveal my sarcastic/rude side, too. Possibly, someone may be sent to rip me a new one.
  7. I am hereby apologising for what I am sure was a futile and ridiculous attempt at levity and not intended to do harm.
  8. I am embarrassed that I have not yet found the key to a smooth transition a fluid location of the voice of me and my portrayal of this life language that wants to explain, where it is.
  9. Here is the key. I always work in a totally distracted state. I cannot seem to extract the silent work area. This is not work or sport. I want it to be The Truth of me. My reality in real terms.
  10. So here on a night, when I had no intention of doing what I need to do...I await the heavy rain and wind. A bad morning ahead. We will be just fine. Be strong and wet. Wind gusts up to sixty miles per hour. Oh my!
  11. Sarcasm, ... more sarcasm or just say goodnight. Seems as though sleep may do more for me, than any more typing. This is hardly writing. Turn off this flow of goo.
  12. Good day, Hubert Rainfield,esq.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Early In the Light of Love Sublime

  1. I can find a way to begin, because it is right here at the ends of my fingers. I was hoping to get serious someday and find a way to be truth telling and still open to the moment, because the fluidity of the elements that I find have a friction and a verve for my senses, and I want to do this while I listen to a show I am not watching, but my wife was, but she left the room to go finish sewing a costume, she is doing for the nutcracker- That would be " The Nutcracker". The famous family fare for ballet school aficianados. My daughter goes to a very accomplished ballet school and every year they put on the Nut. And it is always redressed with new costumes and my wife has come up with another wonderful costume change for the five Chinese dancers, who are members of the troupe that come to Claire in her dream of a wondrous fairytale night in a Christmas world of snow and warmth and wonder. Sublime aren't I? Not.
  2. This works. I don't know what I did to get this format, but I'm going to go with it. I think it means, I'm not supposed to spend too much time on any one thing. And that is ok with me, because I remain an experiment in confidence, and I want to break into the field of creating elements and controls, that have the zing that I need. I 'm not sure what I need. Mostly, I think I lack purpose for this vebiage that you see. Who am I talking/writing to? That must be me, because I am the only one, who reads it and it is a pleasure to say that it is all original .
  3. Each paragraph is numbered. I hope I can figure out how to do this again. I spent much of the weekend reading other peoples blogs and so many are what I would call absolutely useless. For o' so many reasons...not worth repeating. My work on the other hand has integrity, because one day I will hang my hat on the past posts, that only confused and delayed the inevitable. The final discovery and unfolding of greatness... The one, who is me.
  4. Cute. Life is wonderful. I talked to my parents in Virginia today, and they are quite well. My mom (is that capitalized/). What kind of writer are you? Back to work. That is why there is editing and I only write free-style at the moment, so this is the result and it passes as a futile, but not lothsome attempt at a glib reparte. I do not believe that for a second. I will say that mom and dad worked a water table at the Richmond Marathon yesterday. The weather was astounding and it was a great event for everyone and my parents as well. They both were in the service in WWII. Proud of them and I always thank them for their service. My attempt at being in the Navy was cut short. Not the way I wantd it to end, but there is quite a story there. Someday, maybe?
  5. Nice. I am quite full of it tonight and that is good in the long run, because I am eventually working up to a real production schedule that will include deadlines and games for me to attain... The outcomes , that I will portray as the soul purpose.. of even beginning this way...will come down to reaching a balance of work and family and home and prayer and purpose. Getting rest and exercise along the way. This is the end of my first year as a blogger and I have come a long way...on the way back to where I used to be, when writing was my game as a student and connoisseur of the artfilled life of travel and engagement. Once upon a time and then life happened and I fell by the wayside and became ordinary,but very responsible.
  6. Life is short... and if I am to get everything... I need to do before bed ... done, then I must wrap up the deed, that this has been. I would say that ...On some level it has been successful and I can be proud and happy, that I didn't let doubt get in the way. Actually, since noone reads it anyway... I can say that my other blog is on Blogstream and it is under the name-"Indubitable Paradox". Just type that in and you get a world of wonder and a pretty good blog... if I do say so myself. I'm a comer and this is going to be a really great year. I am looking forward to it. This blog is getting to be something,too. It really is about the integrity of believing in yourself and knowing that you have something to say. Only one of my sons has read either one. He was bemused, but said I should keep it up if it makes me happy.
  7. The end comes here. Finally the weather in Richmond was ferocious today and my dad, aged 84, said his basement had flooded and he had been down there ...mucking it out. Fortunately, it has floor drains. My mom, aged 82, is recovering well from hip surgery. It hasn't been a free pass by any means, but they are getting the healing recovery thing accomplished with great spirit. Both Mom and Dad have been real troopers. They are doing the hard work themselves, but their friends, family and neighbors have also lent a hand. I'm out here on the West Coast, so my encouragement has been thru...being in touch.
  8. All three of our boys are at home tonight their own homes...with their own lives...Yipee! See I do care, but have no more time. Goodnight all. Hubert Rainfield esq....signing off /um?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big Walley wants to see some changes around here. I got to write a little verse on the web tonight. I be getting brave. I believe the future of television is now. I am here to take my position in the scheme of the love founders of fame and fortune. Believers in the belief of us. Strength in numbers and purpose. We propose on our behalf the good fortune and patronage of all efforts exclusive to service of God's Love.

That is slightly over the top and I reasonably see the fault of getting too far out in front of current trends. This is not a money making strategy. It is merely a feeling of hope for outcomes that gives us hope and strength. I want to be a servant to hope and faith. We have synergy in the strength of what really is an outlook of outcomes that proceed from thoughts that care in depth about the service of all hopes and plans.

I feel the love of real things that are in my life. This is about purpose and being in the world with family and friends. I am not or should I say ... have not
been the most expressive and responsive of relatives in this world. I try to be there in the ways ...that are expected, but I haven't always been able to find the confidence that engenders the success of the real life... lived with heart and soul.

I am on the way off this channel tonight, but I will be back and this will become easier, because I am feeling the love of my sense of purpose and care and this effort means something to me...about becoming what I was meant to be. I will accomplish and eventually find all that I know is spite of all the years of neglect. Reading about me in my mind as a friend to myself, before I can find in the world about ... the shape of me as a friend and consort to the associations of this life... that affords to me the hope of finding the real plan and purpose of this life.

Go there, now... Off to bed and get the rest that will bring to the new day... Breath and breadth and control. Strength and expression and belief. I am this funny little man, who makes jokes of me, because right now it makes me feel less full of myself. I want to swing from the chandeliers and fly through the air and be free and flexible and funny and brave.

It may be... that I need to become a friend of humor and satire ... as they are...possibly/ a satifactory guise for my serious aptitude to dig a whole deeper than I can successfully negotiate. All is new at this point. I will be going out on the limb, eventually. I am brave and stupid at the same time. I feel an original aptitude for danger. And eventually, I will return to the fold and be the hero... I was born to be. GOTCHA!

Hero talk... That is a hairy way to go young man. 57 years of you being scared to be you.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Normal World of Me

This should include a digest of things I have yet to do, before bed. Time has run out again and I am here on blogger... knowing full well that noone has ever read these scribbles in the night, yet I have a sublime confidence in the process and I press on. For tonight I will say that the strokes of the keys are finally getting easier, because I am not holding back the misses, which were breaking up the confidence of competence... that which is... is the life 's blood of any writer. I declare myself a writer.

If not here in all of my anonymity, where? That feels right on, Rodger. Rodger is, maybe, my alter ego, who gave me the go-ahead to declare myself- not gay or straight, but the worst faux-pas of all. To say that you are a writer and to take it seriously is quite a responsibility. Knowing this, I can only say: I Don't know why I did that, but I will be grateful that I did, because it is what I eventually will be if I continue to travel this way. The road of life is what makes us writers of our own destiny in the end. The thoughts I have had... have run up and down, but right now... I am in a positive outcome holding pattern. What am I waiting for?

Same day, different paragraph. I didn't say...I don't need a lot of work. I recognize this. I am brimming with the longing to go to sleep. I worked hard today on my driveway stoning project. I could have worked harder of course, but I did move the ball forward. Tonight our oldest was home for some of Mom's home cooking. Nice visit and we all had a good productive weekend. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for our parents. And I am grateful for this life. Thank you, Lord for giving me yet another day. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, My soul to take.Amen

A full day it was. I wrote on my other blog, just now... and I am out of things to say, which could be a problem, but I see it only as an opportunity. Now off to sleep I go . Thank You.
Hubert Rainfield,esq.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

About Last Night
Noone that I know will ever know how great it was. I had finally gotten down to brass tacks and was rolling along at a rapid pace...steaming up the river with a full load of coal in the bunker. The black sooty smoke was blowing back over the bridge as we pushed up the river - into the great and dark forest, that could be a jungle or an enigmatic experience. Heartless man of Western Civilization. Meaning his heart was pumping and the breath tones were good, but the spirit, which had been frozen ... had inveigled a certain denoument . And the song that never ends was being sung again. Faith and truth of our fathers .. As a man learns to speak he is enabled to speak. He may say what is truth. Hopefully with regard to a purpose of being. These Rambo like comedic efforts at an esoteric understanding may be foolish in the long run, but I can disclaim them as a bad faith effort at a later date, but having said that I know my thoughts have true structural integrity. I will go on and be all that I can be. Eventually, I can be proud of what I believe is the inevitable discovery of what was lost...being found. Me...I am.

I would dearly love to visit the fluidity of the call and response of last nights' efforts, but I lost them going from draft to publish and for some daunting reason... I was not able to recover my art. I call it my meditation on nothing... now, because it is gone forever. I was rolling and my spirit was on fire. I had love in my heart and I wasn't frozen spermatazoa. I was a rifling fool...standing up to my fears and eventually achieving a certain dignity of unblemished sublimity.

I was hauling some serious butt. The grinding gears of consciousness were devoted and actuated into their highest evolution. This, obviously, is done with a tongue in cheek request, that you would recognize me as a fellow of the web's semantical knowledge blender. I am a most ordinary man, who in humility is seeking a qoutient of respect for the history of me and a recognition of the divination that my life has afforded me. Anonymously speaking I am not an actor of perhaps or of when. I am coming to an expression of the revival of me. I could handle the delight of knowing that I could do this, just because I can.

Here we are then... at the end of tonight's casual exercise. I am designed .... by me. The free will of the happenstance and discipline have given me an adaptive nature, that though it has not experienced great worth or wealth. I have acquired a real recognition of values and truth. Key elements in the order of life's silent order.
I will go now "perchance to dream"... knowing that -This distracted ride is also a part of the recovery of me my most fictional sense... The Art Of Being is being present. Finding the true location of my Heart and Health is the alpha and omega of being here now. I choose my life, because it has brought me to here. And I would honor that.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's like this: I have to begin, so I can get over the place, where I can't be here, because I don't produce the work, that resides in me ...Untouched, but still there.

I am here and you are there and we are all together.. just like the Beatles' song. I am having car trouble for the second week in a row and I am not dealing with it in a logical way. I have been catching rides and procrastinating. So what! Now What?

I borrowed that logic from an author, who mentioned, that was a good way to deal with the procrastinating complainers in your life. Say to them, "So what.. Now what". For this reason: I am the subject of my own inquiry. When will I get it together. This vehicle is my weight and my burden. It runs well enough. It's just that the lights... running lights don't work. It has brake and turn blinkers, so right now it is a day time car. I caught a ride every day this last week and for those rides I am grateful. I have made three major pushes to fix it and thought I had success each time ... only to come up short. I am truly dissappointed in my ability to not foresee the outcome of today's effort. I waited until it was too late to fix it... if it didn't work out, but soon enough, if it had. I was ready for success and when I came up empty... I smiled and laughed and had a resounding thrilling time convincing myself that I was doing all I could to get it done, but I know the truth. It really sucked and it was somewhat my fault. I have the unrequited ,sinking feeling that on top of everything... I may have broken the part I bought to repair the electric switch ...that is the head light switch. I am not a mechanic, but we do all our repairs. Some times we miraculously succeed... Other times... like today I have unfortunate accidents. Tonight, I cry, but I will be grateful, because a grateful heart is what I need. I must not fall into despair. I have a full week ahead and a lot on my plate, so I must get ready for that and know that this other thing will be answered, when I prepare the way for success.

That... felt like a big weight was lifted from my shoulders. Usually I get good help from my wife, who helps me keep calm. I am a calm person, but cars can be a frustrating experience when your hands are too large and the eyesight seems not to be adequate. This has been not so much what I wanted to say, but it is where it is at right now, so I will leave it there for today and say thank you for hearing me out and if noone is there ...That is allright. I am secure enough to know that this rough patch is part of a pattern that re-occurs from time to time. I always love it, when it is my turn to cry over spilt milk.

So, rolling out the final tones of the day... I ascribe to the theory that always works for me. Why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow! It seems that is where I have been lately. I'm better now. Suddenly...Right now! ... I just prevented us from having a fire in the dryer. I checked the noise ...coins in the dryer... Clothes already super dry were on for another 50 minutes. I'm a hero, but only to me. Enough said... I'm out of here. ___Hubert Rainfield,esq.__ At Your Service

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Simply put, this is a new adventure for me, I am groovin' on Jazz Legends, a radio show on the early morning run ... out of BBC Radio, London. Don Cherry and John Coltrane. Of course, it's good. I just thought I could use some competant accompaniement on my own evening adventure. I know, not where, it will lead, so why would I continue, if there is no plan. The reason for going on is -I have many reasons. That was "Cherico" in 1960. Speaking of Ornett Coleman. He's up now with Don. Nice. This is not a music revue, but it sure adds alot to anything your doing... to be groovin' on the greats. Oh! I guess Led Zep would do,
but they're so passe' for us hep cats.

I am now onto the channel... I want to be on. I am noisy in my mind, so these great tunes are blowing clean through this empty room. There is little doubt that a little bit of sweet noise can clean out the system and restore the soul of the lost. I am an artist at heart ... if not in truth at least in the spirit of what it is to try to find the sweet spot of life's comic opera . I work in a state institution.
So just imagine... the tribulations of accomplishing ... reaching the end of the day with all your senses intact. I try and succeed as best I can to bring a joyful noise to my work. So much can be accomplished through the tone of one's voice. Just being happy goes a long way. Strangely, our new client has shown a fondness for me. I don't know why. It's a first for me. I don't want him to depend on me, but it is different how he follows me around. And smiles every time I talk to him. With his eyes. This is getting wierd. Last thing I want to do. Life is kind of a therapeutic mission. Helping and being helped.

Still Don Cherry... in still another installation of his great trumpet skill...
playing with a Turkish quartet in Ankara. They didn't say where, so I took a leap of faith on the geography. I'd best be running along for tonight, but I haven't left yet and now it was just confirmed to be in Ankara, so aren't I clever. Maybe my brain told me I couldn't spell Constantinople. Guess! that wasn't really the reason.

So down to the old watering hole I have come. He, Don et al, are now playing in Peking with Chinese bell players, flutes. Back then it was Peking to us , so when did we begin to use Beijing. It turns out that was from Stockholm. My bad. Someone out there let me know. Fat chance. Sometimes ... you get what you wish for... a reader. I'll halve to comment somewhere ... and invite them to visit me. All in good time. Signing off for tonight. Your humble servant, Hubert Rainfield, esq.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My pointless parting of the ways ... as I see them. So how should this run on.... as a place that I have been. And now that I am here in this moment of detachment... I feel I am here. Really distracted by the fact that I expect my daughter to run up and try to read this over my shoulder. Right now she and her friend are getting ready for bed as they have just finished watching the movie ___Tuck Everlasting __

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Noone has ever been here, and I am just fine with that, because in the end ... do I really have anything to say? Let it be known. I am here if you can find me, but it has been a long time gone and I am only me wondering why I ever started this at all. The future of any of this lies ahead somewhere out there in the mist or in the midst of my next great idea. I'll say I love you if you have gotten this far... for in the end this is... for the reason - that this ultimately is here because I am struggling with who I am and where I am and how that plays out is so much about the daily deconstructing of a damaged soul, who is always working at healing the mind, body, and soul, that have carried him this far ...and the conviction of my "I" wanting to produce love in a way that serves the world with true elements of sorting the time that the occasion of being here now has brought to me. I am no special one ... only one who is now in the midst of this time that is so strongly attractive and repulsive. As there are certainly a lot of simple little struggles, even as I compose this page of words, that are thoughts that are conceived in space... that says it is me this time, who is here doing this right now. I have been away for awhile... This was down on the task-bar and I came across some interesting writings, which I cannot go into right now, but the Lord, Jesus is truly speaking to me about not being confused...and the means for straightening the road home is there - if I will only - take it. So on this night in April in the Northwest of the United States in the sometimes, always great state of Washington this is your humble reporter Hubert Rainfield signing off.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am here and you are there and I know why I do this. It is because I have reasons for my arcane method of discerning what it is I am doing, so I do it this way, because in a manner of speaking is working... for now, and I just want to keep blogging. At least until I have developed the fluidity of my youth, but in the new paradigm of the electronic "me". The new generation has such a fascile command of the medium. It is second nature to them. I was off the reservation for a long time and I didn't write anything, because I thought I would never be good enough, but after reading some of the postings by the worst of the worst bloggers - I knew I had to get out here and develop the chops to defend the ground, that was gained, before the 'give it away' crew came on the scene. Some folks just don't take responsibiliy for their personhood. They think crap is who they are ... so they proceed to make porno out of their thoughts. Foul odors are emitted - that signal low self-esteem and a practiced lack of character. Where am I going when I say these things? I want to take care of my own way and not interfer with others, but if they get up in my face, because I fell into the wrong territory... I take the time to inform them of what I perceive from their transmission. This is really getting out there. I have to reel it in. Noone has ever read my blog, so what does it matter, so I write as though that were true- knowing that someday- these posts may be read and I want them to be worthy ... No-matter if the reader reads one word, one sentence or paragraph, or the whole thing. So I have this other blog that I write to regularly, because folks actually do read it. This one is more like an archive of possibilities. It's all just rip it and read. No sweat off my brow. Tonight, Our twenty-five year old , who is closing on his new olde house on Friday, brought his girlfriend home for dinner. She is very nice and I don't think we embarrassed him. It was quite cute, when he spilt his full glass of milk into her lap. He did what it took... to take everything into the life as normal mode. Thank you Dustin. We all had a very good laugh and dinner was delightful, even if the meat, a roast, was slightly over-done. It's all good. Time to hit the hay. Working at the factory tomorrow. Actually it's a state school. Like I said ... It's all good. Hubert Rainfield,esq.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Left out and Losing my place ... I have discovered that it is rude to ignore my inner voice, which says to me on this night - that if you are trying to listen to your wife's phone conversation and the Olympics at the same time, then you deserve to not know, where you would like to go. Until I take this more seriously, I will continue to follow the drivel of the commentators, who are asking why the Americans can't win. They don't say it, but it is definitely President George Bush's fault. He needs to step forward and take responsibility for what he has done. And now this news about Vice - President Dick Cheney and how he was drunk, when he attempted to "you know" erase, hmmmm...someone, who knew something about which ... if only the media mavens..., [ who are the nation's conscience], would have been told first, in the real way, without the spin of the dark arts' Masters / behind President Bush's mesmerizing powers over the larger, although small majority. In otherwords, the evil men, who stole the Democratic forces' legacy building momentum and tumult of the onerous, boner-us years of the "You Know Whom Party". These people are forever waiting to pounce and gobble-up any iota of credibility displayed /or objectified by the current administration. The dance is beginning, or is already entering, or has long been in ... the mode of a macabre delight in the lack of disbelief in the targeted ramblings of the current Press secretary, who almost, if not in reality - makes the inconceivable ministrations of the feasting ravens... appear to have real basis and uh?... Perception is the greatest throw -weight of truth. Subject: subject the dissenting cadre of pressers to "the lie of their continuous act of deception". Frozen in their defamitory drivel are the consumers ... driven into the mobile pens of circuitry... the tinder of a greater fire. The loss of momentum and life-crushed by the circumventing jealousy of our time in history. When will we look back and say-- Why has it gone so wrong? We need to recapture our faith in the place... that this nation holds in the life of the Planet's peoples. We are the shining city on the hill, because we stay the course - even when our enemies, would have us cut and run. Now that I have come to here... I wish to step out from behind my curtain and tell you, that I am here, but I am not. The way, that it went tonight, is dope. I fear, that I need to re-serve the meal /or in silence leave the field of discourse for this day and sleep on my new " Thoughts Away" mode. [ I am, I can, I wish]. = Ode to the fool on the hill and an evening under the frozen stars. A very warm day ahead - One that comforts me... will come later this year. Extreme cold here in the south sound...up in the foothills. We prefer rain, fog and drizel... year round. Good night. Hubert Rainfield,esq.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yes, I am a blogger-So what you say and then I retort that I am feeling my oats and I want to continue to blog, so I will do just that and be back again and again until everything starts to fall into place and I realize- that this is really what I set out to do. The design of my scheme came out of a strong desire to finally pick up the pieces and be somebody. Tonight, this will probably just go down as an exercise in the extrapulation of the dimension - that is the synthesis of the plan that unfolds out from under all the morass of detritus that is the code of the delightful elves, that inhabit the veins and limbs of the tree of life, that must succumb to the sword of the pen, that is drawn to tell the tale, that is inherent in the drum.. drum ..drumming of the thumb, that leads the hand of the man who can carry the weight of this thesis. I am (the writer)? of the age that does not yet know how to write the tome that is in my hands. The greatness is there. The audacity is spry and splayed and plays fitfully in full throttle delight as he lists from the dream that [which] is his parade of the stream, the river of I Am ... the ebb and flow of dementia. {You are far too kind sir, and I say to you, that I have some questions about just what it is that you want}. It is disturbing to me that you would contemplate any kind of advance-based on a synopsis of the aforementioned contemplation of the difficulty, that is what I attempt without consult of teacher or elements of trial. I will proceed merely to truth. I am prepared to not give out the essence until the preparations have been made and then I will know that my ancient voice has been read and is reading the inner wall of the wheel that rolls through the door of the ages - to find the small one's at the juncture of love and hate. The futility of man's desire to ascribe personal gain to the true work of the world is the downfall of his humanity. Greed is the screde of the defiant and impersonal defeat will ultimately be the outcome. So I stop and start and come go and then I must also say that the movie "Terminal" is playing in earshot and maybe it is just enough distraction to get me to just hang out there a bit and let the freak flags fly with abandon. So there you go . With no skill at all --I have come to the end of this evening and must trundle of to bed now. I bid adieu and reward the reader with my contrite apologies. I am all this on this evening and it is enough to keep me going for another day. Farewell: Hubert Rainfield,esq.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just like that, I am in the moment and all the distractions that abound are not here to stop me. I can go on and be here, again, Tonight , just as I have throughout my life- I will find a way to be clear and concise and within the depth of field that it takes to discern the copy of my present -past mindset- I will enable the track of the over-under on the deep flow and bury the trite from the doubt and render the gold of the crisp new ' Fury of redoubt' , that is the present and give up the clue that is the dream - 'To be Real' and to evaluate the resolution of my existence... to it's essence and realize that it has all the earmarks of sudden deception, that is a delusional path , that trespasses on the reality forms that flow in the favor of truth. Okay! I don't get what I am up to tonight , but I do know this- I care that this is not anything more than an exercise . It will not resolve anything except that it is merely an e- mail value of self publishing or even a lower form of lit- the dreaded text message and even lower than that in my opinion the crap heads who try to gain entry to the domains that our children find themselves in, when they are out their chatting on line. I have never chatted anywhere. I have done this blogging a bit and I have been to political and news sights, and of course all of the resource and shopping sights the internet provides . My big things are history and music and literaure and geography and cruise lines and severe weather satellite photos. On and on. Now this. It is my purpose to always even when in doubt about my own abilities to write-that I will always hold to the highest level of decency and wanting to know that we are in this together, I in turn hold my reading of others up to the highest standards and always reject the wayward. I have commented from time to time to the totally lost- Thinking that maybe I need to say something and maybe - They will get... that they need another way to retail their brain. Some of us are just not singers - Just like they advise on the American Idol show. [ I must note] - that our community love affair with the Seattle Seahawks has not come to an end. They Gave Us A Heck of a Ride and I thank them for that . We will not forget. Everyone should work as hard as they did to achieve their goal. I, as a member of the Community - am Proud to call them. "Our Seahawks". A great football team. Have some good months off and enjoy your accomplishments. I don't love them. I love their passion for what they do and the understanding of that accomplishment and the discussions they had with us , before the end came and they were the team that didn't win this years' prize, but the character of this team is great and they deserve to be honored as a great group , who accomplished a result , that was true and honorable. As to Pittsburgh- who cares? Really I will wait for the Monday Morning quarterbacks to have their say, before I form my my true feelings. Actually... I have moved on. It's back to work tomorrow, so I have to be going. I love you all and Know this- I will be back. Hubert Rainfield,esq.