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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yes, I am a blogger-So what you say and then I retort that I am feeling my oats and I want to continue to blog, so I will do just that and be back again and again until everything starts to fall into place and I realize- that this is really what I set out to do. The design of my scheme came out of a strong desire to finally pick up the pieces and be somebody. Tonight, this will probably just go down as an exercise in the extrapulation of the dimension - that is the synthesis of the plan that unfolds out from under all the morass of detritus that is the code of the delightful elves, that inhabit the veins and limbs of the tree of life, that must succumb to the sword of the pen, that is drawn to tell the tale, that is inherent in the drum.. drum ..drumming of the thumb, that leads the hand of the man who can carry the weight of this thesis. I am (the writer)? of the age that does not yet know how to write the tome that is in my hands. The greatness is there. The audacity is spry and splayed and plays fitfully in full throttle delight as he lists from the dream that [which] is his parade of the stream, the river of I Am ... the ebb and flow of dementia. {You are far too kind sir, and I say to you, that I have some questions about just what it is that you want}. It is disturbing to me that you would contemplate any kind of advance-based on a synopsis of the aforementioned contemplation of the difficulty, that is what I attempt without consult of teacher or elements of trial. I will proceed merely to truth. I am prepared to not give out the essence until the preparations have been made and then I will know that my ancient voice has been read and is reading the inner wall of the wheel that rolls through the door of the ages - to find the small one's at the juncture of love and hate. The futility of man's desire to ascribe personal gain to the true work of the world is the downfall of his humanity. Greed is the screde of the defiant and impersonal defeat will ultimately be the outcome. So I stop and start and come go and then I must also say that the movie "Terminal" is playing in earshot and maybe it is just enough distraction to get me to just hang out there a bit and let the freak flags fly with abandon. So there you go . With no skill at all --I have come to the end of this evening and must trundle of to bed now. I bid adieu and reward the reader with my contrite apologies. I am all this on this evening and it is enough to keep me going for another day. Farewell: Hubert Rainfield,esq.

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