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Monday, November 09, 2009

Facing The Fictions Of Reality Poem #343

''Facing The Fictions Of Reality...
Singing A Song_ About That'

Very nicely. Title me that...What comes with the territory!
This exposure _I have found, whenever, I just want to get _Through.
Are_ these new beginnings more_ than they appear.
I just want to wonder for a while, as I grasp the wind.

To everyone _ these are true emotive pictures from my soul...
Such as it is. To_
Know that we are in concert and in constant range.
In breath _we breath our soul's life. What heart's express_
I just can't get_ out of here... If, I want this_ To be my true life.

As inspired by a song as a breathing range of do's and don'ts
I am not scared anymore....Why mention that? If?
I am going on from here...It is the life I wish to lead.
So many examples from the arts_ Of people living outside the box.

For just one moment here_ I would give up _Everything.
And in some ways _ I already have.
What will happen now_ Is certainly_ What I have been waiting for.
Not to say that one ordinary day has the means to casually conduct.

By certain means and atmospheres_ a truly new day .
For_ what is from now Here_...and
Then I feel the Time is coming on, and I am creating.
Just the band to do this ...Odd_ as that sounds.

If there is a camel in the eye of the needle, then
We need to bring it through.
In all of our honesty and dimensions of care_
We need to give our best to the best practice.

I feel the time is coming on_When, we will know ourselves _
To the degree_ Of perfect presentation. Whole confidence_
Everything that is happening has been arranged_
By this longed for_ desire to be free...and productive.

Formed in God's heart _ A Love _so brave
And so warmed_ To the degree, that one knows
What they are needed for.
Everything is just now_Here

And that is where I am... from
The edge of the precipice
In a state Of Grace.
Formed To Stand


Perfect_The music for this night.
Lindsey Buckingham singing TRBL in Milwaukee,WI
On the _(2BTFLCHLD) channel YouTube.

Mostly, folks, I just want to feel safe enough
To take my pictures.
This is what I do. It is a state of mind.
I hope you will ...enjoy my musings.
They are about being on the way to somewhere.

I hope and I wonder if...
I will find out_

Mostly now, I am in practice
_To practice



with Love,
Hubert Rainfield,esq.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Where There Is Moon Light poem # 434

Hello Moonstone... I guess this is starlight ...Just In Time_ for your visit.
I hit the color key. The girls_ my daughter and her three friends are
Here...eating up the whole refrigerator... not really.

That was mean, actually, but, they're not paying attention to me.
Anyway, I am Here_ at the computer_ writing 'out to the world'
under, yet, another pseudonym_ hubert rainfield,esq.
God knows!_ where that one _came from.

So, It looks like you will be my second commenter, ever... If you so choose_
To participate, which I definitely_ hope you will.
I will definitely be_ By _your blogspot, but, right now!
I think I best get some sleep.

It has been very stormy for a few days...and I didn't catch the football scores.But all is right with the world,except _for all the things _That have gone wrong.

There is a very long list. I have felt the world's pain for many years,
and I have worn it well, but I have decided _not to be_
so unforgiving of myself, When I forget to say I'm sorry.
I should have done more, given more, been more, but I do_
As I am able, and it is a good thing that I am finally taking care of me.

It is a long journey to get to there from here, but on the way_
To being whole a person must take many stands and many bridges must be crossed and in the end there are the questions???

What If! So what! I can't I tried! It can be a mess and often is, but we persevere, and_
On the way we meet some very important people. People, who have something to say. People who care...people who need people.
Thank You for being _One of those people. and to all of your friends.
A hearty hello to you, as well.

As you can see_ Moon. I had a visitor earlier today, but just came across his comment, 1st one,ever, tonight. It's all good. I don't even remember the name of Scratch's site on Blogstream. He has a blogspot, too.

One last thing.. I originally had picked out this song Diane Birch's
'Nothing But a Miracle' for my greeting post to you,
but as you can see I also added on_some more... to the previous post.

I really like Daryl Hall's show and his guests are ...well You see.
He finds the lesser known musicians, but always_ excellent artistry.
He collaborates with his musical friends...and they create new pathways _ A tapestry... To remember!
To the greatness of true sharing and the company of friends.

I'm hooked On YouTube and _24 episodes Yow!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Layer This In Tones_Poem # 544

Layer This In Tones

Greetings to all who
I guess Hubert has returned_ to _Within sight of destiny.

So, get this_On my first day back ...surprise.
I have had a visitor. I return and find that Scratch has come by.
It's one of those things.
A complete and utter surprise.
Just today I said to him_ In a comment _ A 'truth telling''
That_We had_never spoken before.

I commented to him_ After reading at his site.
He was very gracious and now we are communicating.

Way back in my early blogging...three years _ or so...ago
I was in awe of the mastery _He had _
In his chosen writing style.
The subject matter was beyond my ken,
But the writing was first rate.
I was struck dumb by my inability
To approach_ the writer.

I thought then _So much the better.
I wouldn't know _ what to say.
I may lose a friend _trying to be honest
about what has occurred.

What is most true now.
I am expanding my world
By accepting someone else's''Truth''

As a more direct assignment _ He
Has made my existence...much more complete already,
because he has sensed my capacity to grow and expand.

What are these frontiers_'We Find'
When, What _We truly seek_Are the answers_To True Life.

I* feel a whole lot more comfortable already _That is a great truth.
What Was I Afraid Of???
Just my own Mind working overtime.

Scratch...Hi! Just one more thing.
Thanks for coming by.
This new opening_Taken from_ An old and in the past _Fear...
Has passed_Now.

This work ' finally expressed' may already have been done. I don't know_
But I am glad to have publicly acknowledged _my injustice to you.
Your Truth.

Any thoughts I have extrapolated here_
Are basically from a long time ago.
I have not tested the waters- in a while.
Can I say _It's All Good...Now

But, Know this_ Even back then,
I always admired _Your great talent.
You are that good,Sir.
All my best and have a great day,
Hubert Rainfield,esq.

Just an added attraction...I love the 'Live from Daryls House'' show
This weeks attraction (guest) is Diane Birch. This tune _
'Fall In Philadelphia''_was picked up at YouTube, but each episode_
Of which there are Twenty-four Is located on You Tube or at the
LiveFrom Daryls House site (
for anyone, who doesn't know_That is Daryl Hall of ' Hall and Oates''

and his band... This was a great more song.