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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Where There Is Moon Light poem # 434

Hello Moonstone... I guess this is starlight ...Just In Time_ for your visit.
I hit the color key. The girls_ my daughter and her three friends are
Here...eating up the whole refrigerator... not really.

That was mean, actually, but, they're not paying attention to me.
Anyway, I am Here_ at the computer_ writing 'out to the world'
under, yet, another pseudonym_ hubert rainfield,esq.
God knows!_ where that one _came from.

So, It looks like you will be my second commenter, ever... If you so choose_
To participate, which I definitely_ hope you will.
I will definitely be_ By _your blogspot, but, right now!
I think I best get some sleep.

It has been very stormy for a few days...and I didn't catch the football scores.But all is right with the world,except _for all the things _That have gone wrong.

There is a very long list. I have felt the world's pain for many years,
and I have worn it well, but I have decided _not to be_
so unforgiving of myself, When I forget to say I'm sorry.
I should have done more, given more, been more, but I do_
As I am able, and it is a good thing that I am finally taking care of me.

It is a long journey to get to there from here, but on the way_
To being whole a person must take many stands and many bridges must be crossed and in the end there are the questions???

What If! So what! I can't I tried! It can be a mess and often is, but we persevere, and_
On the way we meet some very important people. People, who have something to say. People who care...people who need people.
Thank You for being _One of those people. and to all of your friends.
A hearty hello to you, as well.

As you can see_ Moon. I had a visitor earlier today, but just came across his comment, 1st one,ever, tonight. It's all good. I don't even remember the name of Scratch's site on Blogstream. He has a blogspot, too.

One last thing.. I originally had picked out this song Diane Birch's
'Nothing But a Miracle' for my greeting post to you,
but as you can see I also added on_some more... to the previous post.

I really like Daryl Hall's show and his guests are ...well You see.
He finds the lesser known musicians, but always_ excellent artistry.
He collaborates with his musical friends...and they create new pathways _ A tapestry... To remember!
To the greatness of true sharing and the company of friends.

I'm hooked On YouTube and _24 episodes Yow!


Scratch said...

Damn.. this is some beautiful music. didn't mean to become a pest but I was wondering if you knew if this was available on a cd or Dvd anywhere? she's a very talented young lady. hope your having a restful Sunday.

Moonstone said...

Hello, TR ~ I'm finally here, and I'm smiling. And the music is GREAT. Thank you. ~ moon

Moonstone said...

To answer Scratch's question, there apparently IS a CD, called Bible Belt, but not with Daryl Hall.

And, hey, invite me and then wait to approve my comments? Interesting, Hubert. Interesting. ;)

Moonstone said...

Hello, Hubert ~ I have been here before, but something technical blocked my comment. I have been reading, and I'll keep coming back. ~ moon

hubert rainfield said...

Moon, I apologize for the glitch. I don't understand the ins and outs of this.
New 'to me' I never had one comment~ here_Before Sunday.