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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hope Well_There Is A Time For Everything Poem #177

There is A Time For Everything _Hope Well!

Versions of wonderment and the eddies of time.
The visions of this way_is in the decline.
I have a rhyme and a reason for demanding the search.
I am the vehicle and the destiny of my birth.

So we come to the hammer and nail of this theme.
It seems I am commanding an order_ of work.
I want to have the control and the depth.
And the feel for the values and colours, of yet.

So you , my dear reader, are here on the verge.
The very green edge of this line in the dirt.
I write sometimes, most often or not, as a vague compression
of instants, ahead_ They come to me on these errands of time.

Wherefore, In this baked head of mine, I afford a slender realm.
It is certainly an experience to have had the locus and tell_to point.
The perception of words that I wrote_ Come falling through space.
Gathered around me, as much as they will, I waite.

So in inspirational terms, I am thinking_ most evenly on the pursuit.
It is a balancing act, between thinking , I can, and it won't hurt.
I want to roll off the top of mast and hold the sails forth in the wind.
There is a real wielding of servitude and the resolve to make the end.

What's more, To erase the wind at the door. Vaguely stroking my pen_
I hold the catch- basin onto the floor above my head.
What falls from above comes, but easily and scrubs the edges...Of
the Reality of mostly_hidden dangers_ Vacuity and arrogance
What is? What can't _Be_ I am saving these words to mine.

Apprenticing to the love of the reason_ Enticing the words.
Bringing to be the flow of my aggregated division of Being.
To be mine in a way that works for the message of life.
I hope that I can measure_ in ways, that lend for new constructs.
I am not waiting to question or ask, I am reasoned_ for all right ways.
To know, that I believe at this point, there is a purpose. In play.

In the way that I work my cause-way...Path_I know that I am alright!
I have a plan and it is to value the element of presenting_ In the hour.
In the moments and minutes and seconds of time, I am swinging _
Above the clouds of distraction, where fear would have had me before.

My vision is to conquer the angst and the agony of disbelief...In
My practice to display the versions and visions of a confident spirit.
Thrown through the window of time, I am controlling my fear.
What I have now is a simple confidence. I can do this for you.

So as you can see I have made another day and there is a lot more.
I have lived my real life actions in good faith, and I am true.
I worked my questions into these moments and there is the birth_Of
The answers that tell me I am worth my greatest test.

Whenever, I hope and know_ I have been grateful and full of love_
I feel the plan of my life is true, and that I am serving my purpose_
With faith and control, I am coming to know_ how I can carry the water_
Of the time, that is the now time_ of being in this life. To finally__
Do the work, I came to do.

In bravery,.. I will not wilt, and I will not suspend. Though_ an
Ordinary_ I ,_ I am here, and I am well suited to the knowledge of me.
Finally, comfortable and fearless in the face of certain questions,
I pursue the resources _of the notes in my head.

If it all seems a fantasy and not true, that is just the way it goes.
I am just back from taking a call. By phone and by land . The end.
Over and out for now. If you know me at all that is the way things go.
Really there is nothing to hide, I am an experiment in time _Theatre!

Forgiveness, and practice and loving the place.
Being a servant -in the faithful indulgence_of the believing in God.
I practice my version and vision of being a practical matter.
For the light of happy persuasion_of loving the time. Spent.

I am out of the door, and I have just went and gone.
Preparations for the morrow of days to come.
I am not eaking out the expense of deriving hope.
I live with the full basket of dreams to be had.

Hope is alive! H.Rainfield, esq. 4/2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost and Alone _Somehow We Get Back

I am a so happy to finally be back. I have recovered my web spot on the former blogger, which is now a google product and I' m now back and I will be using this site again and it feels good.

It feels really good and I mean it! yikes, I have come to play and it will certainly be a place to experiment and use the technology that is here and I will be growing this one, because it has advantages over my other site and that is no bull, but I just feel good about finally getting it back, after having messed it up a couple of years ago...2006, I think. Really, just now, I got the deal done. Wow! again.

Now off to John's blog to make a comment. What a day. This is great. can you tell_I am happy.Yuh! Sincerely, Hubert Rainfield, esq.