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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost and Alone _Somehow We Get Back

I am a so happy to finally be back. I have recovered my web spot on the former blogger, which is now a google product and I' m now back and I will be using this site again and it feels good.

It feels really good and I mean it! yikes, I have come to play and it will certainly be a place to experiment and use the technology that is here and I will be growing this one, because it has advantages over my other site and that is no bull, but I just feel good about finally getting it back, after having messed it up a couple of years ago...2006, I think. Really, just now, I got the deal done. Wow! again.

Now off to John's blog to make a comment. What a day. This is great. can you tell_I am happy.Yuh! Sincerely, Hubert Rainfield, esq.

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