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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am here and you are there and I know why I do this. It is because I have reasons for my arcane method of discerning what it is I am doing, so I do it this way, because in a manner of speaking is working... for now, and I just want to keep blogging. At least until I have developed the fluidity of my youth, but in the new paradigm of the electronic "me". The new generation has such a fascile command of the medium. It is second nature to them. I was off the reservation for a long time and I didn't write anything, because I thought I would never be good enough, but after reading some of the postings by the worst of the worst bloggers - I knew I had to get out here and develop the chops to defend the ground, that was gained, before the 'give it away' crew came on the scene. Some folks just don't take responsibiliy for their personhood. They think crap is who they are ... so they proceed to make porno out of their thoughts. Foul odors are emitted - that signal low self-esteem and a practiced lack of character. Where am I going when I say these things? I want to take care of my own way and not interfer with others, but if they get up in my face, because I fell into the wrong territory... I take the time to inform them of what I perceive from their transmission. This is really getting out there. I have to reel it in. Noone has ever read my blog, so what does it matter, so I write as though that were true- knowing that someday- these posts may be read and I want them to be worthy ... No-matter if the reader reads one word, one sentence or paragraph, or the whole thing. So I have this other blog that I write to regularly, because folks actually do read it. This one is more like an archive of possibilities. It's all just rip it and read. No sweat off my brow. Tonight, Our twenty-five year old , who is closing on his new olde house on Friday, brought his girlfriend home for dinner. She is very nice and I don't think we embarrassed him. It was quite cute, when he spilt his full glass of milk into her lap. He did what it took... to take everything into the life as normal mode. Thank you Dustin. We all had a very good laugh and dinner was delightful, even if the meat, a roast, was slightly over-done. It's all good. Time to hit the hay. Working at the factory tomorrow. Actually it's a state school. Like I said ... It's all good. Hubert Rainfield,esq.