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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Name Me-So I Can Be Seen

Versions of Synaptical Control- Revolutions in Frames.

Let out the truth of context and control
Pull down the wheels,
that roll up under.
Lift the wings
that tear at the portal way.
Ahead, to seem, arrival
Has been found.

Should I understand what I have wrought.
Knowing not the dream. Has mute calm and breath held.
Telling statement told. Linking, remanding my proof.

I have answers sworn.
Beliefs that do
and grow

Miracles are plane and simple.
Perception is
I am man,
being here.

Listening, Listing lines.
Words spoken
Received, volume
Quiet Motion.

The feeling is believed.
I am Me.
Satisfied for Now,
because I risk the loss
of Center.

Knowledge of Truth.
Not Perfect,
But Proof
Of Life.
Received .

I believe
in You.
Believe on
A lantern
Drawn to life by your command.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Written On the Firm

So let's just say, I am now...
Without question_ One lucky boy.

I am in fact_The featured creature....
and the proud possessor of this wondrous machine...

My step-son, Dustin, brought me this electronic device for the lap.
_This evening, and I am feeling like a million bucks. So nice!

These keys just pop and sing so quiet...just like, une bella piano forte.
Right now in the midst of our preparations & back to school _
whatworx decisions
We are relaxing_ And look what entered here. 
This party atmosphere.

Just there they are playing table games & I AM COMPLETELY DAZED.
What can I comment to this...What is happening here? Happiness...
How do you measure a change in circumstance? It almost seems as if....
 The clouds are parting and leaving me_ To see my way_through. 

For every reason I can imagine now_ I am in a state of utter gratefulness.
I am reminded to make the best of this and through expression- Connect.

At the turn of the new year, I had committed to write something every day.
And on days when I didn't feel like it; I would write four pages of scripted method-ish.

Just to begin... again, and arrive on the other side_ To change
 from not doing...
To what is my natural state.
To discover the word within and uncover What?...  my evidences are thinking_
  It out or else...
 I'm Over

Here is the question??_ What if I were to succumb to the delight of doing??
 And just return...
 again _ To where I'd left off___

What and whom?...  could best select what is resolved? _ I will breath out
 Through what opens and never rest.
It will show me_What I trust could be the necessary revenue. To imbue

The dreams I lasted in opposition...To the facts.
There are no excuses now, I will be Full_ as I imagined. 
All that is left - Is to light the match and rekindle the fuel.

I am down for this test.
 What is best._
 Is What

 What is
 Is How Far
I'll Go. 

You Believe. 

And Trust and 
All Here.