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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Written On the Firm

So let's just say, I am now...
Without question_ One lucky boy.

I am in fact_The featured creature....
and the proud possessor of this wondrous machine...

My step-son, Dustin, brought me this electronic device for the lap.
_This evening, and I am feeling like a million bucks. So nice!

These keys just pop and sing so quiet...just like, une bella piano forte.
Right now in the midst of our preparations & back to school _
whatworx decisions
We are relaxing_ And look what entered here. 
This party atmosphere.

Just there they are playing table games & I AM COMPLETELY DAZED.
What can I comment to this...What is happening here? Happiness...
How do you measure a change in circumstance? It almost seems as if....
 The clouds are parting and leaving me_ To see my way_through. 

For every reason I can imagine now_ I am in a state of utter gratefulness.
I am reminded to make the best of this and through expression- Connect.

At the turn of the new year, I had committed to write something every day.
And on days when I didn't feel like it; I would write four pages of scripted method-ish.

Just to begin... again, and arrive on the other side_ To change
 from not doing...
To what is my natural state.
To discover the word within and uncover What?...  my evidences are thinking_
  It out or else...
 I'm Over

Here is the question??_ What if I were to succumb to the delight of doing??
 And just return...
 again _ To where I'd left off___

What and whom?...  could best select what is resolved? _ I will breath out
 Through what opens and never rest.
It will show me_What I trust could be the necessary revenue. To imbue

The dreams I lasted in opposition...To the facts.
There are no excuses now, I will be Full_ as I imagined. 
All that is left - Is to light the match and rekindle the fuel.

I am down for this test.
 What is best._
 Is What

 What is
 Is How Far
I'll Go. 

You Believe. 

And Trust and 
All Here.

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