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Monday, November 09, 2009

Facing The Fictions Of Reality Poem #343

''Facing The Fictions Of Reality...
Singing A Song_ About That'

Very nicely. Title me that...What comes with the territory!
This exposure _I have found, whenever, I just want to get _Through.
Are_ these new beginnings more_ than they appear.
I just want to wonder for a while, as I grasp the wind.

To everyone _ these are true emotive pictures from my soul...
Such as it is. To_
Know that we are in concert and in constant range.
In breath _we breath our soul's life. What heart's express_
I just can't get_ out of here... If, I want this_ To be my true life.

As inspired by a song as a breathing range of do's and don'ts
I am not scared anymore....Why mention that? If?
I am going on from here...It is the life I wish to lead.
So many examples from the arts_ Of people living outside the box.

For just one moment here_ I would give up _Everything.
And in some ways _ I already have.
What will happen now_ Is certainly_ What I have been waiting for.
Not to say that one ordinary day has the means to casually conduct.

By certain means and atmospheres_ a truly new day .
For_ what is from now Here_...and
Then I feel the Time is coming on, and I am creating.
Just the band to do this ...Odd_ as that sounds.

If there is a camel in the eye of the needle, then
We need to bring it through.
In all of our honesty and dimensions of care_
We need to give our best to the best practice.

I feel the time is coming on_When, we will know ourselves _
To the degree_ Of perfect presentation. Whole confidence_
Everything that is happening has been arranged_
By this longed for_ desire to be free...and productive.

Formed in God's heart _ A Love _so brave
And so warmed_ To the degree, that one knows
What they are needed for.
Everything is just now_Here

And that is where I am... from
The edge of the precipice
In a state Of Grace.
Formed To Stand


Perfect_The music for this night.
Lindsey Buckingham singing TRBL in Milwaukee,WI
On the _(2BTFLCHLD) channel YouTube.

Mostly, folks, I just want to feel safe enough
To take my pictures.
This is what I do. It is a state of mind.
I hope you will ...enjoy my musings.
They are about being on the way to somewhere.

I hope and I wonder if...
I will find out_

Mostly now, I am in practice
_To practice



with Love,
Hubert Rainfield,esq.


Fairweather said...

Hi--Hubert? Okay, but you're still TR to me ;)--I'm over here too--some excellent writing you've done here!

hubert rainfield said...

Hey! Fair. I am glad_ You found me
I think I sent you an e-mail...thinking it was a comment back.

I want to definitely_ Upgrade my content...and fix my profile... I'm single and 39 and I drive a Porche Carrera, and live in Aspen_ no Vail...being over 50 and filthy rich _Is a hard row to hoe. I was at ....full of envy.

These people go by their real names and other people can't stop writing about them.

As to this blog
This was my first efforts in blogging....Well, not exactly. I had an English Blog, now gone.., but we're all worldwide now. Look at us. Free as_
'the birds'. Gonna take the world by storm.

Bye_ now be good as ever. Your blog looks beautiful. TR

Sherry said...

Ahhh TR, how eloquently you put things. You have an amazing way with words.