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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dumfounded _Now You're Talking...raison d'etre

  1. Dumfounded and deadpan ugly
  2. Actually I am quite beautiful...inside. The degree of separation from truth and light is paralyzing.
  3. Uga-buga is an obscene gesture. I want to believe that I believe, even when there is nothing to believe in. I love you. My simple mind is in control.
  4. It is a fine evening for caterpillars and now the death threats of our great early warning weather persons. Strong winds are threatening and be very worried if you cross bridges. Seriously!
  5. There are huge bolders. Got to do what you got to do. Churning rapid thing. Lots of rain. Please God ... Let the blue tarps save us.
  6. Devastation... and a lot of people have suffered and I should not make remarks...such as I have, but best that I reveal my sarcastic/rude side, too. Possibly, someone may be sent to rip me a new one.
  7. I am hereby apologising for what I am sure was a futile and ridiculous attempt at levity and not intended to do harm.
  8. I am embarrassed that I have not yet found the key to a smooth transition a fluid location of the voice of me and my portrayal of this life language that wants to explain, where it is.
  9. Here is the key. I always work in a totally distracted state. I cannot seem to extract the silent work area. This is not work or sport. I want it to be The Truth of me. My reality in real terms.
  10. So here on a night, when I had no intention of doing what I need to do...I await the heavy rain and wind. A bad morning ahead. We will be just fine. Be strong and wet. Wind gusts up to sixty miles per hour. Oh my!
  11. Sarcasm, ... more sarcasm or just say goodnight. Seems as though sleep may do more for me, than any more typing. This is hardly writing. Turn off this flow of goo.
  12. Good day, Hubert Rainfield,esq.

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