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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big Walley wants to see some changes around here. I got to write a little verse on the web tonight. I be getting brave. I believe the future of television is now. I am here to take my position in the scheme of the love founders of fame and fortune. Believers in the belief of us. Strength in numbers and purpose. We propose on our behalf the good fortune and patronage of all efforts exclusive to service of God's Love.

That is slightly over the top and I reasonably see the fault of getting too far out in front of current trends. This is not a money making strategy. It is merely a feeling of hope for outcomes that gives us hope and strength. I want to be a servant to hope and faith. We have synergy in the strength of what really is an outlook of outcomes that proceed from thoughts that care in depth about the service of all hopes and plans.

I feel the love of real things that are in my life. This is about purpose and being in the world with family and friends. I am not or should I say ... have not
been the most expressive and responsive of relatives in this world. I try to be there in the ways ...that are expected, but I haven't always been able to find the confidence that engenders the success of the real life... lived with heart and soul.

I am on the way off this channel tonight, but I will be back and this will become easier, because I am feeling the love of my sense of purpose and care and this effort means something to me...about becoming what I was meant to be. I will accomplish and eventually find all that I know is spite of all the years of neglect. Reading about me in my mind as a friend to myself, before I can find in the world about ... the shape of me as a friend and consort to the associations of this life... that affords to me the hope of finding the real plan and purpose of this life.

Go there, now... Off to bed and get the rest that will bring to the new day... Breath and breadth and control. Strength and expression and belief. I am this funny little man, who makes jokes of me, because right now it makes me feel less full of myself. I want to swing from the chandeliers and fly through the air and be free and flexible and funny and brave.

It may be... that I need to become a friend of humor and satire ... as they are...possibly/ a satifactory guise for my serious aptitude to dig a whole deeper than I can successfully negotiate. All is new at this point. I will be going out on the limb, eventually. I am brave and stupid at the same time. I feel an original aptitude for danger. And eventually, I will return to the fold and be the hero... I was born to be. GOTCHA!

Hero talk... That is a hairy way to go young man. 57 years of you being scared to be you.

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