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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Normal World of Me

This should include a digest of things I have yet to do, before bed. Time has run out again and I am here on blogger... knowing full well that noone has ever read these scribbles in the night, yet I have a sublime confidence in the process and I press on. For tonight I will say that the strokes of the keys are finally getting easier, because I am not holding back the misses, which were breaking up the confidence of competence... that which is... is the life 's blood of any writer. I declare myself a writer.

If not here in all of my anonymity, where? That feels right on, Rodger. Rodger is, maybe, my alter ego, who gave me the go-ahead to declare myself- not gay or straight, but the worst faux-pas of all. To say that you are a writer and to take it seriously is quite a responsibility. Knowing this, I can only say: I Don't know why I did that, but I will be grateful that I did, because it is what I eventually will be if I continue to travel this way. The road of life is what makes us writers of our own destiny in the end. The thoughts I have had... have run up and down, but right now... I am in a positive outcome holding pattern. What am I waiting for?

Same day, different paragraph. I didn't say...I don't need a lot of work. I recognize this. I am brimming with the longing to go to sleep. I worked hard today on my driveway stoning project. I could have worked harder of course, but I did move the ball forward. Tonight our oldest was home for some of Mom's home cooking. Nice visit and we all had a good productive weekend. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for our parents. And I am grateful for this life. Thank you, Lord for giving me yet another day. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, My soul to take.Amen

A full day it was. I wrote on my other blog, just now... and I am out of things to say, which could be a problem, but I see it only as an opportunity. Now off to sleep I go . Thank You.
Hubert Rainfield,esq.

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