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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Noone has ever been here, and I am just fine with that, because in the end ... do I really have anything to say? Let it be known. I am here if you can find me, but it has been a long time gone and I am only me wondering why I ever started this at all. The future of any of this lies ahead somewhere out there in the mist or in the midst of my next great idea. I'll say I love you if you have gotten this far... for in the end this is... for the reason - that this ultimately is here because I am struggling with who I am and where I am and how that plays out is so much about the daily deconstructing of a damaged soul, who is always working at healing the mind, body, and soul, that have carried him this far ...and the conviction of my "I" wanting to produce love in a way that serves the world with true elements of sorting the time that the occasion of being here now has brought to me. I am no special one ... only one who is now in the midst of this time that is so strongly attractive and repulsive. As there are certainly a lot of simple little struggles, even as I compose this page of words, that are thoughts that are conceived in space... that says it is me this time, who is here doing this right now. I have been away for awhile... This was down on the task-bar and I came across some interesting writings, which I cannot go into right now, but the Lord, Jesus is truly speaking to me about not being confused...and the means for straightening the road home is there - if I will only - take it. So on this night in April in the Northwest of the United States in the sometimes, always great state of Washington this is your humble reporter Hubert Rainfield signing off.

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