I want some of that.
It comes to mind. Enough of me.
I’ m all about the gathering fame. Questions?
What appears and disappears. My ears are burning.
I read the proofs.
This ship is going down in flames.
I love to work on this game. I love the down time,
when I can’t even believe…I,I,I!
Am I for real?
I sure like that. I want to be this person, who holds his chains.
I finally answered to my name.
Who knew!
What came, when I asked for the time?
The question asked by one you’d choose. See…
I  have my reasons… to be, Here.
It is the love in my tears.
The breath of being here.
I love the games we play,
and I feel the rhythms of this art.
It is soft and gentle and it just flows,
off my arm like honey from the bees.
I’m loving, lovin’ you.
Listen? why? …Do we run? Run away!
Leave out the part, that loses the place you’ve been.
Come home to me and begin __again.
I miss the heart that we became.
Breathing softly into the years ahead.
I hold this dream for you.
I don’t know why we came this way,
but I became from loving you.
As unusual as it must seem. This person,
I am becoming breathes his life, as the breath of  you.
Let me explain. I am learning a few things along the way.
My counterpart is a feminine beauty of womankind,
who reads me and knows, that I love you. You.
The shape of  this heart holds to the task of  learning
to smoothly taste and feel the long held knowledge
of believing in the life of man.
The emulation of the loving hand.
The hands, the arms, the body of me,
loving the way of the life.
The kiss, the embrace. Tenderly, wanting to hold you.
Your face is as it seems the light of this life.
I am here in my life of this time_dreaming
the life of art filled and music laden desire.
Passionate_sun, warmth of truth.
I am learning the exchange of beauty
for the words of being subjected to truth.
My proof is to gain the beauty of words,
as a heavenly gift that I can give
to anyone with the hope,
that my desire speaks to the heart,
and holds for you the sense of …
We are here for all that we desire.
I can’t lose these gains. Forgive me …
If I presume to see a better way.
We are free to choose. I make this up as I go.
It is words that fall in my throat,
Each spoken through my face toward a place
on the page of the heart of you.
Presumptious to discover a recovery of the two.
The pair, the true dimension of balance and the art of holding you.
So close, the breath heals my eyes with senses warmed.
The rocking, swaying,  gently passing moments
hold the inception of perfect similitude.
That is grace. I know.
I have come back to you.
My place is here,
but I came,
and I recognized.
You are,
Sailing on the great ocean of life.
I became a sailor___ sailing home.
Guided by the heavens.
When I listened, I knew, I trusted .
My place.
It is whole,
and it is here.
If I played music,
You would be my everysong.
This life is not wrong.
Everything on this night…
I will always love you.
I want to believe I have
love enough for you.
I am not ashamed.
I am whole.
You came.
I believed.
Love is not the same.
True love
I hope.
You will hope for me.
Some night.