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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is the man, me-I am, the man and then some, because, I can do this, even when there is no real reason, too. Except, that I might strike gold in them thar hills. The presence of not having a decent theme to my thoughts tonight is encumbering me. I worked today at my job in the hills at the end of the road. This is that rural location south of Seattle that got about eleven inches of snow last week and was quite beautiful and ever so slippery for a week or so, but now we're getting about pretty well. Doing our Christmas things along with the rest of the world except for the nut job ,who is trying to blow up Iraq. I believe that most people in the world would love to see the Iraqi people have a successful election, where all the money flowed into the right hands and finally got the desired results - just like our elections. We had a doozy here in Washington, just last year. Probably the best explainer of the current state of political reality in Washington the state is the site called and it's auteur, Stefan Sheransky. Here, I am going off on a tangent and this is only the Conservative view of Washington's liberal world view. I'm okay with going a little toward the issues values for a moment , but really I am more about... just learning to integrate all of the influences into a cohesive flow that pushes the family support systems that will benefit our children now and in the future. Whatever we do - the family and the responsible parents out there are who we look up to, because even as they finish their daily bread winning - they still have to execute the family activities and responsibilities and the various driving and support arraingements for what are usually a number of kids - Yours, mine and ours. Right now we are down to one thirteen year old daughter; Who is doing very well with school, band and dance, especially dance... that is her love. My wife was busy today. She was off from work , but she had her hair done and the results are the best and she is quite happy. I like her new look - very fresh and beautiful. This sounds stilted and is not meant to be, so I will only say that this is experimental. The real important issue of the day was finding a Christmas tree at a reasonable price. That was done, but now my wife and daughter must go back tomorrow after dance class to find a tree just like the one we found , because my daughter "........" wants to pick it out. We found the place, but should we tell her...Nah! As for me I'm over and out and even though I struggled I keep the faith and know that my desire to spin local yarn will remain my desire , because I will continue trying to bring home the bacon.Best to all for a great day tomorrow and Goodnight from my end. Other good news Son at home is over the flu and back to work tomorrow and other son - May get a dream job tomorrow, cross your fingers.Younger boy is thriving at the local feed store. And I talked to my sister in Colorado Springs, today. She is the youngest of eight and has three young girls of her own. Her husband ... arrived for duty in Baghdad last Saturday.It's his second tour. and on top of that I have a real job and I have to get to bed ,so over and out ---Hubert Rainfield,esq.

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