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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yes, I am back at the blogger after getting all intimidated,but now I think I can be over that as I have just come through a wierd couple of weeks... all about work and associates there and all the struggles of life ...ifs and what's? of the children and the wife and the country and the political atmospherics,and war and rumours of wars and a general dislike for our neighbors and what not ,because guess what?... I don't really care ...even a little bit. I am happy with everything and my life is just perfect and hey Dad- See!... How great I am doing - Soon, I will share with Dad- and hope that He might join me and do a little of his famous pontificating. Here on the blogger. Maybe he will get his own spot. I sure admire the exemplary and wonderful lives and life my parents have led ... before and after their marriage to each other and to their life hence ... up to and including us kids ... To infinity and beyond. I am learning on this adventure that it is not about making others happy ,but about getting your own house in order . So... when the time comes -to further the Dream- your resources and skills are commensurate to the task at hand. And so even though this is not what I planned for tonight it is what I will consider a well considered and thoughtful response to my inner dialogue that is saying that this is a big waste.H.Rainfield ,because

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