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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Okay this is a test. My first post and I will admit I am humbled. I keep getting the wrong thing to happen . .. but that is something I am used to, but not in something I haven't tried before. So this is going to happen today and I am very happy about that. At my age? ... Is that something I should say? I am not old , but I remember a future when I thought the world was headed for a good end and we all had the best interests of our fellow 'persons' in good stead. There is some raw good human-ure there. Oh! you know - when I was young and dumb and didn't know it yet. I thought in all of my wisdom that there was a plan , and that I actually had a big part to play. Love me or leave me- "it"... whatever it was-was in the works and I would be doing something important and profound just in time to save my butt from being a complete waste a consumer of the limited resources in a world that we are constantly told... is closer to the end than we know. Then there would be a complete turnaround and a miracle cure for everything. I have followed every breath of new wind and bombast my whole life. I would say that defeating Hitler And Communism-large case were great in there time. After that world leaders said to themselves... Let's cobble together a new world that answers to one master. There is a world wide web of lies and deceit and control and money and now we are at war all over the globe in ways that are spiraling out of control. Pandemics,WMD's , slavery, and a general poverty of hope and of spirit, and for many a total loss of the ability to survive in dignity. So what is today to me. It is another beginning and another end where I realize I have more than most and I need to do more about being in this world in ways that will bring honor to my time on earth and help the world to be a more honored place by each of us who regards their presence here as a gift from God - a life is not to be squandered. To discover , to see, to reap what you sow. To learn to play well with others and when you get older -to never forget how that is done. Humbly yours, Hubert Rainfield

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