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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anouk - Lost [Lyrics]


Sherry said...

Interesting singer. Not sure what I think about all of it, but I do like some of it.

hubert rainfield said...

So Sherry _ This is a mess, because... I've just been dropping songs off and I just deleted one that was terrible. The quality should go up _ If I can just
move in. Great to see you and all the Blogstreamers here. What a great crew. I'm just sort of a
hanger-on at the moment.
Too much on my plate, but, Spring is finally here. .... Getting our house ready for sale... and all the rest.
I hope to drop by and see what's happening soon.
I am forced to keep putting off... what?
I have all kinds of excuses. The best one _Of a number of reasons... was.... my son said _
"Dad, Quit wasting your time."

It truly is great to see you still out here. I have read in your blog recently and it is wonderful that you set up the links for the diaspora.

For the most part _ Life is good.
Going over to Squab's place.... after I get something to eat. Bye for now TR _ Hubert Rainfield Esq.