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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Evelyn Farkas Says Obama Was Spying on Trump - MSNBC 3/27 3/28

Facebook _You need to stop interfering with my right to process and report information that I find. It really is getting old. This work a round is good. This story is a key item to add the mix of real facts that the 'fake' news MSM's choose to ignore

Flat Earth, Fake Aliens and Real Giants

Mel Fabergas of Veritas Radio and Eric Dubay share knowledge about the Flat Earth theories and movement.

Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth

Facebook will not allow me to re-post this great YouTube video. This FB policy has been been going on for some time now. I realize it is happening to many of us, that just want to show our support for the Truth.

 Make America Flat Again.  & All Hail! Neil DeGrasse Tyson_ I think not